• Why Partner with Samsung?

    In a word: Flexibility

    With so many print manufacturers out there, it can be hard for dealers to choose the right partner. Getting such decisions right could result in lasting, long-term growth, so dealers know there is no room for error in matters like these.

    Business needs everywhere are diversifying, so for dealers the best solution in many cases is to strike a partnership that offers flexibility, maximising the potential for customisation. Fortunately, as Scottish Samsung partner Faxco Maintenance Ltd testifies, Samsung’s Smart UX ecosystem is built on a pillar of flexibility – allowing for a myriad of customisation possibilities.

    Fully Flexible

    Faxco is a managed print solutions specialist based in East Kilbride, Scotland. The company’s Managing Director Philip Genoe explains that Faxco’s relationship with Samsung Printing stretches back to 2014. Faxco was named Scottish partner of the year for 2015 and 2016, and has had success reselling Samsung MultiXpress 4 and 7 devices in particular, providing a range of troubleshooting services to clients via the diverse RemoteCall app.

    “We initially made the move to work with Samsung because of their impressive lineup, but our partnership really took off when we fully engaged with the launch of the Smart UX Centre-featuring MultiXpress 4 series,” notes Genoe. “It worked out well – and our partnership has been developing ever since.”

    Proven Flexibility

    In one case, a prospective Faxco client made an enquiry about a large order that Samsung devices were “perfect for,” apart from one feature that existed on another manufacturer’s range, but not Samsung’s.

    Samsung’s response? Genoe explains: “We told them, and they made it happen – adding the feature. We subsequently won that order, and further business on the back of it.”

    The relationship has been win-win ever since. “Partnering with Samsung has helped us expand,” says Genoe. “Samsung’s flexibility in terms of product development and meeting our needs has been brilliant.”

    Creative Customisation

    A big reason for Samsung’s continuing popularity among dealers is the expansive Smart UX ecosystem.

    Indeed, the Smart UX Centre’s debut made quite a stir in the world of print reselling. With this Android-powered touchscreen interface, dealers suddenly found themselves able to fine-tune devices with downloadable apps and widgets. They could use this software to help clients boost workplace efficiency and create more effective workflows.


    Genoe explains, “The Smart UX is tried and tested, and runs business-critical apps. Its customisable nature makes it simple for Samsung engineers to code – and recode. Devices that just run on a manufacturer’s own firmware have little flexibility.”

    Furthermore, Faxco customers have responded positively to the user-friendly Smart UX Centre. “They say ‘wow, it’s just like a big tablet,’ and start getting to grips with the features immediately,” notes Genoe.


    Samsung’s Head of Print for the UK and Ireland, Mark Ash, concurs. “Apps let dealers do more with less, so they make more profit,” he says.

    The Android factor also makes a huge difference. Android is the internet’s most widely used OS, with a 65 percent global share, per Net Market Share. So, chances are, if dealers or their clients have an Android app, it could be easily adapted to run on a Samsung multi-function printer.

    Competitive Market

    And as the market becomes ever more competitive, it is becoming harder for dealers to make money by simply selling hardware and supplies. But software-based improvements allow dealers to add what Ash calls “true business value” to their offerings. If dealers decide to take the next step and create a Smart UX app of their own – something that Samsung developers actively encourage – they could end up opening up yet another path to prosperity.

    “If a dealer wants a talking point that differentiates them from the competition, apps can provide them with one,” says Ash.

    Partnerships with Potential

    The business world is becoming increasingly complex, and as companies start to become more demanding with their office equipment requirements, flexibility is no longer something to be desired – it is now an absolute must.

    Just as companies who have put flexibility at the fore are now reaping the financial benefits, dealers who prize versatility find they can better meet the needs of enterprise customers.

    “My experience with other manufacturers is that they are very fixed and staid, whereas Samsung has greater flexibility and will make things happen on your behalf,” Genoe concludes. “Very few manufacturers can do this. Too often boxes just roll off production lines with fixed features. Tailoring machines to do what our customers want them to do is Samsung’s forte.”

    And success continued through 2017 and 2018 resulting in record performance results for the company. We look forward to some new fresh and exciting challenges in 2019, with the new HP Pagewide and Smart Print devices featuring Future Smart 4.0. Watch this space!!!

    Contact Faxco today on 01355 270853 or email s‌ervice@‍faxco.co.uk

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    Samsung Award to Top Reseller Faxco

    Samsung Electronics has announced that resellers, Faxco Ltd were one of two big winners at FutureScape 2015 – Samsung’s annual showcase event focusing on the latest innovations and real life solutions in mobile workforce technologies.

    Faxco lifted the New Partner of the Year and Scottish Print Partner of the Year awards.

    “It’s fantastic to see our new partners make such a big impact, the awards are really deserved,” said Mark Ash, Head of Print, Samsung. “Faxco has been working with us for around two years and have highlighted what can be achieved with a little bit of passion and hard work. I’m sure that the results that they have been getting by fully embracing our ethos, will spur our other partners on.”

    Faxco initially engaged with Samsung Print two years ago and has grown from a traditional photocopier supplier to one of Samsung’s most promising partners.

    Rapid growth

    The New Partner of the Year and Scottish Print Partner of the Year award winner, made the decision to truly embrace Samsung’s Connected Workplace vision in February 2015, and has enjoyed a rapid growth with over 400 A3 printer placements this year including the Android powered MX4 products.

    Working strategically with Samsung throughout 2015, Faxco has already enjoyed much success and helped many customers become more connected.

    Phil Genoe, Managing Director and Founder of Faxco Ltd said, “The past couple of years working with Samsung has been brilliant and to be named its New Partner of the Year and Scottish Print Partner of the Year is really amazing.

    “Focussing on the new MX4/MX7 Series was an easy decision for us as the devices are very desirable. For us and our customers, the Android platform has been a game changer as it brings together total integration and connectivity to future products including phones, tablets and other office devices.

    “We are fully behind and understand Samsung’s Connected Workplace vision and are looking forward to finding out what the next two years working with Samsung brings.”

    Contact Faxco by email or call 01355 270853 today for further information on the Samsung Connected Workplace!

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    Samsung Introduces the World’s First Printer Powered By Android

    Samsung Electronics introduced ten new multi-function printer (MFP) models to the European market today at the ‘Smart MultiXpress’ Unveiling Event taking place at IFA 2014, in Berlin. The MFPs are the first printers of their kind to be equipped with an Android operating system, and are designed to be more independent, intuitive and can be used in all business environments.

    As part of Samsung’s focus to develop printer solutions that seamlessly fit into the IT and Smart office ecosystem, the new Android based MFPs will feature Samsung’s Smart UX Centre which operates independently without a PC, with app scalability, and a consumer friendly UI.

    Samsung Smart MultiXpress Series MFP Models
    The Smart MultiXpress series MFP comprises ten new models from four different printer categories, including: X4300 series of A3 Colour MFPs: The X4300 series of A3 colour MFPs consist of X4300LX, X4250LX, and X4220RX models with an output speed of 30, 25, and 22 pages per minutes (ppm) respectively. X4300 series are equipped with Dual-Scan ADF technology, enabling them to scan up to 100 double-sided images per minute (ipm) for colour and up to 120 double-sided ipm for mono. All models are equipped with Samsung’s Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology and Polymerised Toner, proving sharp, vivid, glossy professional colour quality. The X4300LX model MFPs have a print capacity of up to 85000 pages per month, with 23000 pages for black and white toner and 100000 pages for drum.

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